B.A.S.E.® - Babywatching

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B.A.S.E.® - Babywatching in preschool and school
to prevent aggression and fear,
and to promote sensitivity and empathy.

Contents of B.A.S.E.® - Babywatching

A mother or father and her/his several-week-old baby visit a preschool group once a week for an entire year. Sitting in a circle, the children watch how the baby grows from week to week until s/he is able to walk. With a B.A.S.E.® group leader serving as facilitator, they learn through their weekly interactions and observations to  empathizes better with the mother or father and child.

Results to date have shown that the capacity of children to empathise is increased by this project.
They then begin to transfer this capacity to everyday situations with their friends, becoming more empathetic and social, and less fearful in their interactions. The studies have shown that fear-induced behavioural disorders and aggression are decreased as a result.

In seminars, the participants are trained to conduct such babywatching groups. Both the contents and how to carry out such observations are presented and practised with the help of videotaped demonstrations and the presence of a mother or father with her/his baby.