Training courses offered by B.A.S.E.®:

Continuing education for B.A.S.E.® trainers


B.A.S.E.® trainers are qualified to train future B.A.S.E.® group leaders and B.A.S.E.® mentors. The contents will be introduced and practiced with the help of videotaped interactions and live demonstrations. We will discuss how the training groups are conducted as well as problems and difficulties that may arise.
You have been trained in the contents and in how to conduct training groups, and you understand the problems and difficulties that can arise.

Your area of responsibility:

Not only are the individual Babywatching sessions supported by a B.A.S.E.® mentor who supervises and consults with the B.A.S.E.® group leaders, but also all of the settings in which B.A.S.E.® is being conducted receive professional supervision from a B.A.S.E.® trainer.
During supervision, B.A.S.E.® group leaders are encouraged to ask specific questions about conducting their groups, and they receive professional case supervision from our B.A.S.E.® trainers. As a B.A.S.E.® group leader, you will have the assistance of a B.A.S.E.® trainer, who will supervise you in individualised sessions.
In order to qualify to work with educational staff, and to ensure a high standard of consultation, our B.A.S.E.® mentors are supervised by B.A.S.E.® trainers, which enables them to function better in their role as consultants. 

In Munich

Organised under the auspices of: Klinikum der Universität München Kinderklinik und Poliklinik
                        im Dr. von Haunerschen Kinderspital

Seminar leader: OA PD Dr. med. Karl Heinz Brisch,  biopraphy

Our B.A.S.E.®- office:
Claudia Di Muro,
Tel. 00 49 89-5160-3454,

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