Information for mothers, fathers, and their baby

We need your participation to conduct B.A.S.E.® Babywatching. B.A.S.E.® can only be conducted if a mother or father and their baby take part. You are invited to participate in a live day-long demonstration for group leaders about conducting B.A.S.E.® Babywatching. The trusting relationship between parents and their baby is especially important to us.

Bothe mothers and fathers benefit from their participation in B.A.S.E.® Babywatching as well. They may, for example, use their time in the group to intensify their attachment relationship with their baby. During the sessions, everything revolves around the parent and her or his baby. The baby also has the opportunity to experience positive attachment and relationship, and to see the group as an extended family.

The baby comes to look forward to the sessions as a safe place that engenders trust.

One of our goals is to find new ways to counter aggressive behavior in children. Evidence shows that aggressive behavior is prevented from the outset if children are trained in empathy so that they can understand the motives of others.

Your participation will help us get closer to this goal.

If you are interested, please contact us. We will gladly advise you and help you to contact one of our B.A.S.E.® Babywatching groups.